PROJECT : A Diverging Frontier (Russia and its Neighbors) , made with grant from E.Smith Memorial Fund

February 2017, Kiev, Ukraine :
Vladimir Iionov , 75 years old pensioner from Moscow with Olga (also Russian ) his girlfriend . In 2016 Vladimir has Received political asylum in Ukraine and UN passport.

Vladimir Ionov has become something of a fixture at anti-Kremlin protests in Moscow. On his last protest in Russia he was standing as always alone with a placard reading “We have Putin, no need for a mind” . Soon he was approached by Igor Beketov from national organization SERB who demanded to know why Ionov was insulting people who had voted for Russian President Vladimir Putin. That he attacked him throwing cleaning powder on Vladimir and hurting his eyes. Vladimir decided to flee after he learned that he could earn up to five years in prison . He crossed the border from Russia to Ukraine in a hurry , at night,walking in a deep snow across the Russia-Ukraine border . His girlfriend Olga took a train. They met in Kiev.

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